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"These people are amazing. Family-run Christian business that will take care of their clients every time. Truly good and honest mechanics are next to impossible to find, and that is why I recommend them to everyone I know that needs any work done. Extra plus: they know about Cadillac's Northstar engines (notoriously finnicky but very cool), and if you are a Northstar owner you will do yourself a favor by taking your Cadillac here to be serviced."

— Facebook Review

"WOW!! Finally met someone that could work on my 1983 Mazda RX7. Ray knew what he was talking about. I was quoted over $500.00 to replace my rear axle and bearings. Come to find out all I needed was a bearing and Ray got it done for less than $200.00 and I was back on the road the next day!! I’m broke with 3 kids and Ray saved me from the scammers out there!! +++ OH, and he checked my whole car for free and let me know what else could use attention once I could afford it.+++ A++ All the way around!!"

— Google Review

"We first went to Ray at the King's Garage back in the 1990s, then moved to the mountains, and we've been back now in Arvada for some time happy that we have a trustworthy mechanic to go to. Between our grown sons and ourselves, we've probably had a dozen repairs at the King's Garage, and we're very thankful for their work."

— Google Review

"I've been here several times. Their time estimates are generally on point. The ladies in the front are always professional. They are pretty good about calling and letting you know what the status is every few hours. Their prices are reasonable. Once I brought in my car to get an intermittent warning light looked at, but they weren't able to replicate it after a whole day of testing - so they didn't charge me a single penny. That was pretty major to me. I continue to return; I really do not have any complaints. Thanks guys."

— Yelp Review

"They love the Lord here!! A+++++ These guys are fair and knowledgeable. They have ALWAYS treated me very well. There were some times when they were not quite as fast as I would have liked, but when you are that good you are that busy, and as the sign says in their office “good, cheap, or fast, pick any two. I pick good, and cheap. Please take your car to these guys."

— Google Review

"Excellent customer service both by phone and in-shop. They are friendly, professional, and no-nonsense in their approach to making sure that their clients are well taken care of. Family run business (awesome). Comfortable waiting area with plenty of reading material. I just discovered these folks and I think that they're going to be my new go-to for all my service needs."

— Google Review